Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Verbos Frasales
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1) TAKE AFTER - parecerse a 11) TRY OUT - probar, poner a prueba
2) TAKE APART- desmontar, desarmar 12) TRY OUT FOR - tratar de ingresar a
3) TAKE CARE OF -cuidar 13) TURN DOWN - rechazar
4) TAKE OFF - despegar (un avión) 14) TURN IN - irse a la cama
5) TAKE OFF - quitarse (ropa) 15) TURN INTO - convertir en
6) TAKE UP - ocupar 16) TURN ON - prender, encender
7) TALK OVER - discutir 17) TURN OFF - apagar
8) THROW AWAY - tirar a la basura 18) TURN OUT TO BE - resultar ser
9) THROW UP - vomitar 19) TURN DOWN - bajar el volumen
10) TRY ON - probarse (ropa) 20) TURN UP - subir el volumen
1) Mike takes after his father. 11) The technicians are trying out the new car.
2) I have to repair this TV. I have to take it apart first. 12) Tim would like to try out for the baseball team.
3) The nanny is taking care of the children. 13) Mike asked Jane out, but she turned him down.
4) The plane is taking off at this moment. 14) I am tired and it is too late. I think I'll turn in.
5) His T-shirt was so dirty. He had to take it off. 15) This sofa turns into a bed.
6) The old piano takes up too much space. They will move it somewhere else. 16) I was bored, so I turned the TV on.
7) This subject is important. We must talk it over. 17) I got tired of watching TV, so I turned it off.
8) He threw away all the things that he didn't use. 18) The film seemed good at first, but it turned out to be very boring.
9) He had drunk so much that he had to throw up. 19) The music is too loud. Please, turn it down 
10) I like this T-shirt. Can I try it on 20) Could you turn the TV up. I can't hear it 

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