Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Verbos Frasales
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1) PART WITH - deshacerse de, regalar 10) PULL DOWN - derribar, demoler
2) PASS AWAY - morir 11) PULL OVER - detenerse a un lado de la calle
3) PASS OUT - distribuir, repartir 12) PULL THROUGH - salir adelante, recobrarse
4) PASS OUT - desmayarse 13) PUT AWAY - guardar, poner en su lugar
5) PICK ON - molestar - fastidiar 14) PUT BACK - poner donde estaba
6) PICK OUT - escoger 15) PUT OFF - posponer
7) PICK UP- recoger 16) PUT ON - ponerse (ropa, joyas etc)
8) PICK UP - pasar a buscar 17) PUT OUT - apagar (fuego, luces etc)
9) POINT OUT - indicar 18) PUT UP WITH - tolerar, aguantar
1) These books are occupying too much space. I'll have to part with them. 10) The construction workers will pull down the old building.
2) My grandfather passed away five years ago. 11) The policeman ordered the speeding driver to pull over.
3) James was passing out new books to everyone in class. 12) She was in a hard situation, but somehow she pulled through.
4) Nancy passed out when she heard the bad news. 13) The little boy's room is a mess. His mother wants him to put his toys away.
5) Everyone in class picked on the new student. 14) I took a book from the bookcase, but I put it back at once.
6) Helen likes to pick out the best apples at the supermarket. 15) We'll have to put off our meeting for the next week.
7) I found a strange coin at the beach and I picked it up. 16) I put on a warm coat because it was cold outside.
8) Jane is going to the movies. Brian will pick her up at 7:30 p.m. 17) The firemen put out the fire in less than an hour.
9) The president pointed out the achievements of his goverment. 18) That noise is bothering me. I cannot put up with it any longer.

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