Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Verbos Frasales
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1) GET ALONG (WITH) - llevarse bien (con) 7) GIVE AWAY - regalar
2) GET BY - sobrevivir (financieramente) 8) GIVE IN - ceder, entregarse
3) GET OVER - recuperarse (de algo malo) 9) GIVE UP - rendirse, darse por vencido
4) GET THROUGH (WITH)- terminar, finalizar 10) GIVE UP - dejar de
5) GET TOGETHER - reunirse, juntarse 11) GO ALONG WITH - estar de acuerdo con
6) GET RID OF - deshacerse de, librarse de 12) GO ON (WITH) - continuar
1) Dogs don't usually get along with cats. 7) You don't wear those shoes anymore. Why don't you give them away?
2) The whole family had to get by on the mother's salary. 8) The boxer cannot continue fighting. He will give in at any moment.
3) John got over his illness very quickly. 9) You are about to finish the race. Don't give up now!
4) Alice won't be able to get through with her project until next year.. 10) Mary is pregnant. She should give up smoking.
5) The family got together to celebrate Christmas. 11) That manager never goes along with the workers' ideas.
6) Why don't you get rid of these old magazines? 12) We have to go on with this work.

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