Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Verbos Frasales
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1) FACE UP TO - hacer frente a 6) FEEL UP TO - sentirse capaz de
2) FALL BEHIND - quedarse atrás 7) FIGURE OUT - comprender, entender
3) FALL FOR - enamorarse de 8) FILL IN / UP - rellenar (formularios)
4) FALL THROUGH - fracasar (un plan) 9) FILL IN FOR - reemplazar, substituir
5) FEEL LIKE - tener ganas de 10) FIND OUT - averiguar, descubrir
1) He had to face up to many problems during his childhood. 6) This is a very difficult task. Do you feel up to doing it ?
2) John was supposed to finish this work today, but he fell behind. 7) Jane is still trying to figure out how to solve the math problem.
3) Jack finds Mary to be very attractive. I think he fell for her. 8) Your address is missing in the form. Can you fill it in, please ?
4) I wanted to go fishing on Sunday, but my plans fell through due to the bad weather. 9) The Professor Brown is not coming . Mrs Smith will fill in for him today.
5) I don't feel like working today. 10) The firemen are trying to find out the cause of the fire.

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