Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Verbos Frasales
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1) DO AWAY WITH - abolir, eliminar 6) DRAW NEAR - acercarse
2) DO UP - abrochar, atar 7) DRAW UP - redactar
3) HAVE TO DO WITH - tener que ver con 8) DRAW UP - detenerse, pararse
4) DO WITHOUT - arreglárselas sin 9) DROP IN (ON) - dar un visita
5) DRAG ON - ser interminable 10) DROP OUT (OF) - abandonar, dejar de ir a
1) The police are trying to do away with crime in this city.  6) As summer draws near, people think about going to the beach.
2) Bill's mother taught him how to do up his shoelaces.  7) After they had agreed on the terms, they drew up a contract.
3) That story has nothing to do with the real facts.  8) Bill drew his car up when he saw children crossing the street.
4) The refrigerator was empty, so I had to do without breakfast that day.  9) Next week I will have a lot of free time. Please, drop in anytime  you want.
5) Time drags on when you are waiting for something 10) Many young people are dropping out of school nowadays.

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