Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Verbos Frasales
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1) LAY OFF- despedir 10) LOOK BACK ON - recordar, mirar hacia atrás
2) LEAVE OUT - omitir, olvidar 11) LOOK DOWN ON - despreciar, menospreciar
3) LET DOWN - decepcionar , defraudar 12) LOOK FOR - buscar
4) LET IN - dejar entrar 13) LOOK FORWARD TO - esperar con ilusión
5) LET OUT - dejar salir 14) LOOK INTO - investigar
6) LET OFF - dejar ir (sin castigo) 15) LOOK OUT (FOR) - tener ciudado (de)
7) LET UP - amainar, disminuir 16) LOOK UP - buscar (una palabra, dirección etc)
8) LIVE UP TO - cumplir con, actuar de acuerdo a 17) LOOK UP - visitar
9) LOOK AFTER - cuidar 18) LOOK UP TO - respetar, admirar
1) The company has laid off ten workers this year. 10) Grandparents always look back on their young days.
2) Jack left out his address in the form. 11) Jim is so arrogant. He looks down on everybody less intelligent than him.
3) I trusted you, but you let me down! 12) Tom is looking for a new job.
4) Sally is knocking at the door. Let her in! 13) Billy is looking forward to going on vacation to Europe.
5) Sally wants to leave. Let her out! 14) I think this report is wrong. Can you look into it?
6) The judge felt sorry for the thief and let him off. 15) Be careful !. Look out for snakes in this area !
7) The rain started to let up. 16) Edward is looking up a word in the dictionary.
8) Everybody thinks Robert is a good person. He tries to live up to that reputation. 17) If you come to my city, don't forget to look me up !
9) The nanny is looking after the children. 18) He is the smartest in the class. Everybody looks up to him.

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