Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Verbos Frasales
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1) CALL OFF - cancelar, suspender 11) COME ACROSS - encontrar, toparse con
2) CALL ON - visitar, acudir a 12) COME ALONG - acompañar
3) CALL UP - llamar por teléfono 13) COME AWAY / OFF - desprenderse, soltarse
4) CARE FOR - gustar (se usa negando) 14) COME DOWN WITH - enfermarse de
5) CARRY ON - continuar , seguir 15) COME LOOSE - aflojarse
6) CARRY OUT - llevar a cabo, realizar 16) COME OVER - venir a la casa de uno
7) CATCH UP (WITH) - alcanzar 17) COME ROUND / TO - recobrar la conciencia
8) CHECK IN - registrarse ( en hotel , etc) 18) COUNT ON - contar con , confiar en
9) CHECK OUT - investigar 19) CUT BACK ON - reducir en consumo de
10) CHECK OUT OF - irse ( de un hotel, etc) 20) CUT UP - cortar en pedacitos
1) The football match was called off due to the heavy rain. 11) I came across an old friend yesterday.
2) If you have problems with your homework, you can call on me. 12)  If you want, you can come along with us.
3) Please, call me up when you finish that report. 13)  I caught the rope strongly with my hands, but it came off.
4) I really like Brazil, but I don't care much for its food. 14) Bob didn't come to work today. He came down with the flu.
5) Although we are very tired, we must carry on with this work. 15) The rope came loose, so the boat started to drift away.
6) The work on the building was carried out in only two months. 16) We are going to have a party at home tonight. Will you come over?
7) Sally is so intelligent and so fast. It's really hard to catch up with her. 17) She fainted, but fortunately she came round very quickly.
8) He arrived at the hotel and checked in. 18) You can count on Jack. He is very honest.
9) I think this information is wrong. Could you check it out ? 19) You are a little overweight. You should cut back on the amount of fat in your meals.
10) He checked out of the hotel because he didn't like the service. 20) In order to make this stew, cut up the meat first.

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