Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

To Be: ser o estar To Have: haber o tener
  Verbo To Be Verbo To Have
Forma Afirmativa Forma Negativa Forma Interrogativa
Present I would have been a farmer I would have had a farm
Past You would have been tired You would have had to rest
Present Perfect He/ She/ It would have been sick He/ She / It would have had fever
Past Perfect We would have been musicians We would have had instruments
Future (will) You would have been shouting You would have had to shut up
Fut (be+going to) They would have been rich They would have had money
Future Perfect Ejemplos
Conditional Habría sido un granjero Habría tenido una granja
Past Conditional Habrías estado cansado Habrías tenido que descansar
  // habría estado enfermo/a // habría tenido fiebre
  Habríamos sido músicos Habríamos tenido instrumentos
  Uds habrían estado gritando Habrían tenido que callarse
  Ellos habrían sido ricos Ellos habrían tenido dinero

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