Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

Tiempos Verbales
Simple Tenses Progressive Tenses
(1) Present
What happens?
(4) Past Perfect
What had happened?
(7) Conditional
What would happen?
(2) Past
What happened?
(5) Future
What will happen?
(8) Past Conditional
What would have happened?
(3) Present Perfect
What has happened?
(6) Future Perfect
What will have happened?
(9) Modal Verbs
What (can, could...) happen?

What happens ? ----------- ¿ Qué pasa

Affirmative--------Subject + V1 V1 V2 V3
I go to the office - Voy a la oficina go went gone
You come from Brazil - Tu vienes de Brasil come came come
She buys everything - Ella compra todo buy bought bought
They live in Chicago - Ellos viven en Chicago live lived lived
We work here - Nosotros trabajamos aquí work worked worked
Negative----------Subject + don't/doesn't + V1      
I don't sell anything - No vendo nada sell sold sold
You don't do that work - Tú no haces ese trabajo do did done
He doesn't give the orders - Él no da las órdenes give gave given
She doesn't visit anybody - Ella no visita a nadie visit visited visited
They don't travel anywhere- Ellos no viajan a ninguna parte travel traveled traveled
Interrogative-----Do/does + subject + V1 ?      
Do I bring the beer ? - ¿ Traigo la cerveza ? bring brought brought
Do you take the books ? - ¿ Llevás los libros ? take took taken
What does he say ? - ¿ Qué dice él ? say said said
Does she accept presents ? ¿ Acepta ella regalos ? accept accepted accepted
Do they believe in God ? ¿ Creen ellos en Dios ? believe believed believed

Simple Present: To go

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I go I don't go Do I go ?
You go You don't go Do you go ?
He goes He doesn't go Does he go ?
She goes She doesn't go Does she go ?
It goes It doesn't go Does it go ?
We go We don't go Do we go ?
You go You don't go Do you go ?
They go They don't go Do they go ?


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