Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

Recursos del Idioma para Estudiantes y Profesores

WH - Questions YES/NO - Questions TAG Questions EMBEDDED
Oraciones afirmativas tienen Tag negativo Oraciones negativas tienen Tag afirmativo
You are from Brazil, aren't you ? You don't speak French, do you ?
She is a secretary, isn't she ? Jack and I didn't pass the exam, did we ?
They were in Europe, weren't they ? They won't come here tomorrow, will they ?
You traveled with them, didn't you ? We shouldn't change our jobs, should we ?
You have been to Africa, haven't you ? We haven't seen that movie, have we ?
There is a party tonight, isn't there ? She won't go to the conference, will she ?
She should study harder, shouldn't she ? He can't swim, can he ?
You must work tomorrow, mustn't you ? You didn't know her, did you ?
You live in this city, don't you ? He couldn't answer the question, could he ?
It was a little crowded, wasn't it ? She doesn't exercise much, does she ?
She speaks Spanish, doesn't she ? You haven't been there before, have you ?

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