Curso de Inglés para Hispanohablantes

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WH - Questions YES/NO - Questions TAG Questions EMBEDDED
Direct Question Embedded Question
What is your name ? Tell me what your name is.
Where do you work ? I want to know where you work.
How much does she earn ? Do you know how much she earns ?
How much is the rent ? Can you tell me how much the rent is ?
When does the plane arrive ? I wonder what time the plane arrives.
How often does the bus come ? Do you know how often the bus comes ?
What kind of movies do you like ? Tell me what kind of movies you like.
Who will be at the party ? I want to know who will be at the party ?
Whose books are these ? I wonder whose books these are.
How long did the flight last ? Tell me how long the flight lasted.
Why are they fighting ? Do you know why they are fighting ?

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